How Do You Ace Your Remote Interview?

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The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a lot of workers to work online. Because of this, companies are adjusting to the situation by accepting applicants through a remote interview online.

Remote interviews are a different dynamic than personal interviews and therefore require unique preparation. Here are tips that you can follow to ace your interview today!

Make sure that you’re free from distraction: Always take time to figure out how you can make your environment distraction-free before an important meeting or in this case, an interview.

Distractions: Eliminate external noise such as radios or television. Also, make sure that your phone is muted when you are doing a video interview and that you turn off all notifications.

Children: If you have children, make sure someone takes care of them. If they are old enough, explain that they have to be calm and that you cannot disturb them unless it is an emergency, especially during the job interview.

Pets: If you have pets, you can keep them in proper places where they can stay for a while when you do your interview.

Background of the remote interview: For remote video interviews, it is essential to create professional training.

Clean your room: Make sure the room you are in is clean. There should be no piles of loose paper, dirty dishes, dirty clothes, trash on the floor, or unmade beds at the bottom. You must also eliminate clutter in the room.

Decorations are essential too: Decorations in the room should be appropriate. For example, make sure your wall art is curse-free, and images are suitable for an interview.

Lighting is important: The room you are interviewing should be well lit so that the interviewer does not have trouble seeing you. If your remote interview is taking place in a window, make sure it is not backlit, or the light is too bright, causing glare.

Test your technology: Make sure everything works in advance.

Camera: Test the camera you want to use beforehand. You don’t want to notice at the beginning of your interview that it’s broken.

Microphone: Always make sure your audio works and that the sound quality is excellent. The interviewer can become frustrated when it is difficult to hear him.

Internet and Service: During video interviews, check to see if you have reliable Internet. During telephone interviews, make sure there is adequate service in the room where you want to conduct your interview.

Video software: Make sure to do tests on the software you are using in advance. Many recruiters use Skype or Zoom to test the platform, camera, and microphone beforehand.

Tips for video interviews: Here are some helpful tips for video interviews.

Eye contact: Eye contact does not necessarily mean that you have to look directly at the camera. Make sure your eyes are on one thing. If you look at different parts of your screen, the interviewer will notice and may think that you are not interested or distracted. 

Handwritten Notes: Making handwritten notes may seem a little strange since it’s on your computer, where it’s easier to take notes. However, your interviewer can hear you writing, which can be distracting. You may also think that you are doing more than just taking notes.

Interview Cheat Sheet: Interviews on your computer give you an automatic edge. You have notes on hand in case you need to consult them. However, you don’t want to scroll through endless pages and keep your eyes on different things. Instead, use some critical points in a document as a backup.

Webcam Location: Make sure your computer is in a good position. Some computers have a built-in webcam at the top of the screen and others at the bottom. If your camera is at the bottom, make sure it doesn’t have an odd angle. 

Bottom Line Whenever you do a remote interview online, always make sure to do your best. Answer the questions given by the interviewer clearly and accurately. It’s much better if it’s all-natural, but still, preparation is a must. As always, make sure that you’re ready to do interviews before you ask for a proper schedule. So, make sure you’re equipped with these tips before acing that interview!

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